• UPDATE: 14:23 EDT, 7 September 2017​

    Quorn to change labels to reveal its main ingredient is MOLD: Meat substitute brand will add allergy warning after 'two deaths and thousands of allergic reactions'

    • The meat substitute has previously been marketed as similar to mushrooms
    • But a pressure group in the US claims two children with mold allergies died after eating Quorn
    • Now, after five years in court, the company has agreed to change the labels to say mold is the main ingredient

  • Has Quorn Been Truthful?

    Judge for yourself. Below are posts made on Facebook from consumers of Quorn,

    "So, about this mold in your products..? Wtf"

    Raashida Greer asks

    Quorn's response: "Hi there! Mycoprotein does indeed contain a fungus, but don't be concerned! The term fungus is often seen in a negative light, but mushrooms are a fungus and they're delicious!

    "Is this true though?"

    Slavka Zitova asks

    Quorn's response: "it's not true. Quorn's protein comes from the fungi family but is not mold."

    "without any warning it's a death trap.."

    Ominously written six month prior to the death of 11 year old Mile Bengco.

    This woman drove herself to a hospital - struggling to breathe.

    "I had severe food poisoning from Quorn."

    Leanne Mclean

    "My son could have died from eating a Quorn product and having anaphylaxis reaction..."Mik Milo

    "threw up uncontrollably."

    Joe Sasson

    "I don;t think I want to eat any more of your mold.."

    "vomited for the whole day..."

    Sharon Grimmett


    "I'm so outraged."

    Brittany Sheehan

    "This is upsetting and concerning, as I have a health condition..."

    "It made Gregory very, very sick..."

    Helen Crawford

    "ate it a week ago and is still dealing with effects from it!"

    "..it made me instantly sick."

    Judy Richardson Milliren

    "..tried it again and it made me sick again,"

    "..been really ill today after eating quorn.."

    Theresa Buck

    "they dont tell you that on the bl@@dy advert.."

    "Was really ill last night"

    Georgina Byrom

    "ate about a tea spoon full to taste.....Big mistake."

    "..violently sick in the park...." 

    Angela Wood

    "Shocking. I will never eat it again!!!!!"

    "...go somewhere outdoors alone and await the onslaught."

    Greg B Wood

    "This stuff should be banned."

    "Quorn made me stupidly sick."

    Amanda Kirk

    "quite sick after eating Quorn.."


    "..had a pretty slack response to people getting sick."

    "makes me instantly nauseous.."

    Megan Batt

    "Nothing else effects me like this."

    "Feel really sick, I blame the quorn.."

    Jodie Black | Adele Sweeney

    "..violently sick for the 3rd time in as many weeks.."

    "Quorn food should be banned!"

    Hayley Butler

    "Absolutely disgusting"

    "Sick as a dog.."

    Christine Brindle

    "Note to self. Quorn does NOT agree with me!!!"

    "..wife is trying to kill me.."

    Jason Miles Butcher

    "it was not chicken it was bloody quorn... sick again.."

    "both occasions been sick and have been vomiting"

    Ian Hudgell | Zoe Fowler

    "..I'm allergic to Quorn!!! So much sick..."

    "..I was violently sick."

    Victoria Virgo

    "This is now the second time I have been sick having eaten a Quorn product."

    "mum ate quorn mince and then was very sick.."

    Jenny Wren

    "..gave it another go. Yet again she was sick."

    "three times now, and have been violently sick.."

    Liz Davis | Dan Newman

    "Eating Quorn has made me feel sick."

    "..violently sick for the rest of the evening."

    Claire McAdam

    "..tried quorn mince and the same thing again."

    "I was violently ill the two episodes of eaten it."

    Derek Davies | Mattie Ross

    "..no more Quorn for you."

    "food of the devil"

    Luke Conner

    "I almost had to go to the hospital."

    Kelly McMahon Palmer

    "Shame on your company for shipping and providing tainted food to consumers!"

    "After the Great Quorn sickness of 2014"

    Morgan Williams

    "..will never include your products again."

    "it has not agreed with me at all"

    Nina Collings

    "..you evil FREAK"

    Dave James

    "I was just nearly SICK just then. Nasty person. Nasty nasty person."

    "Feel like crap!!"

    Rose Hall

    "Sides are agony, throats burning and stomach is still churning..."

    "..up all night vomiting."

    Jordan Leaver

    "intestines feel like mount Vesuvious.."

    Nuria Miou-Miou

    "Quorn is dodgy and not a good/healthy..."

    "I have never felt this bloated and sick..."

    Adrian Perry

    "Feel like I have eaten a can of expanding foam!!!"

    "..woken up on the lounge floor.."

    Kieron Sargent | Michelle Munro|

    "Ate some Quorn at lunch time and now violently sick!"

    "Currently being sick"

    Joshua David

    "Feeling awful.."

    Leanne Mclean

    "having an allergic reaction to quorn.."

    "Sickness all day."

    Caroline Greer | Holly Craswell

    "Quorn makes me sick."

    "wanting to be sick after."

    Gillian Dent

    "I was very disappointed..."

    "If I was a horse, they would put me down..."

    David Kerley-Hartley Southon

    "..feel ridiculously sick.."

    Celsie Anziani

    "..Damn you quorn chicken!!."

    Lisa Fuller

    "Quorn makes me very VERY sick.."

    Sara Green Prev. Heaney | Rachel Eardley

    "....same result, never again."

    "..past 5 times I have been violently sick.."

    Kate Owen | Beth Gray

    "Both times I've eaten quorn chicken now I've felt sick and had to throw up..."

    "awful belly ache"

    Kate Owen

    "..get REALLY sick from it.."

    Sara Green Prev. Heaney

    "..the ingredients confuse me."

    "Feel sick"

    Joyce Dobson

    "ewww Quorn has made me violently sick.."

    Rebecca Saforia

    """yuck!!!!" and I'm allergic to mould ewwwwwww!!!!!!"

    "..I poisoned myself"

    Zoe Turner

    "And my ribs are killing me."

    "recently it made me violently sick"

    Victoria Tritton

    "Maybe it's the chemicals they put in it."

    "violent stomach pains and vomiting..."

    Dawn Ingram-Jones


    "I FEEL SO YUCK..."

    Kerry Selina Giles


    "I haven't felt this sick"

    Lara Starr

    "..NO FRIGGIN WAY that stuff is made from a mushroom."

    "Made me feel sick.."

    Helga Silva

    "Surely eating mould isn't good for you?"

    " Quorn is lethal!."

    David Lockwood

    "It has made me violently sick 3 out of 4 times."

    "a nite of bein sick."

    Jon Cox

    "..bad stomach cramps and was violently sick"

    Heather Slater

    "The common denominator in all these events is quorn.."

    "severe food poisoning from Quorn."

    Kelly McMahon Palmer

    "I want to sue!!! I'm still not feeling back to normal"

    "..now I am itching with hives!"

    Sally Elsmont

    "..vomiting violently, had the shivers.."

    "..made me really sick.."

    Lara Starr

    "Now doubled over"

    Phil Spencer

    "..violently sick both times.."

    Tony Chamberlain

    "Felt sick in bed last night."

    Alexander J M Ford | Tracy Evans

    "I've had so many sickness "bugs"

    "Might actually be dying."

    Rachel Hall

    "Quorn chili is the right way to kill yourself slowly and painfully. So sick!"

    "it is all covered up"

    Karen J White

    "Quorn is man made mould!"

    Karen J White

    "My son could have died from eating a Quorn product and having anaphylaxis reaction..."Mik Milo

    "..have never been as sick as that in my life."

    Sheena Mennie


    Made From Processed Mold

    Packaged and labeled as a healthy, natural meat-free food product, Quorn carefully markets mycoprotein to look, sound and taste like popular meat, cleverly keeping the real source of the product buried in the small print. M O L D.



    The product was developed by Rank Hovis McDougall and Imperial Chemical Industries, and launched commercially as the Quorn brand as a joint venture of the two companies under the operating name of Marlow Foods.

    Later acquired by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and sold 4 times since.

    Quorn linked to asthma attack as early as 2003.


    Kevin Brennan, chief executive of Quorn Foods, and former Kellogg's top marketer, admits the meat-free brand with the 'funny name' faces major challenges.
    Read more  


    But Quorn's gripping history is not matched by its taste. In fact, Quorn- based foods taste like slow death and are widely thought to be the cause of some of the irrational grumpiness that vegetarians are sadly subject to. - The Guardian


    Would you buy and eat a burger made of mold? Maybe, if it tasted like meat and you trusted it wouldn't make you sick .

  • Some people tolerate it. Some people get sick.

    A couple people have died.

    Product Reviews & Reactions

    Turk'y Burger Review

    Reviewed by freezerburns.com

    Tastes like....(watch the video and see)

    Chik'n Nuggets Reaction

    one person's experience

    "thought I was going to die..."

    Turk'y Burger Reaction

    The tragic story of Miles Bengco

    Fake Meat Making People Sick

    The CSPI has documented over 2000 reactions

    The Washington Post

    Quorn blames child for having history of asthma


    P.H. Boulder, Colorado

    I developed a bad stomachache, headache, and nausea and vomiting after consuming 2 Quorn patties for lunch and part of a bag of Quorn cubes a few hours later…. The stomachache started shortly after eating the products but I did not make the connection until I began vomiting a number of hours later. I will never eat this product again because I believe the symptoms were due to the Quorn products. I also had a very unusual taste in my mouth with [belching] after I ate Quorn and it didn’t go away until after I vomited numerous times…. I was very ill and I was alone.

    C.J. Glasgow, United Kingdom

    On 3 separate occasions I suffered severe, sudden nausea followed by a few hours of violent vomiting after eating Quorn products. I was out for dinner and had to make my journey home while vomiting violently every few minutes.

    D.A. Leola, PA

    About 1.5 hours after eating the meatballs…I felt a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. I broke into a heatflash…so bad I was dripping wet from sweat. My shirt was soaking wet. My entire insides felt like they were being turned inside out. 2 hours after eating the product I started vomiting violently. In all…I had 4 episodes of intense vomiting & 2 bouts of diarrhea.

    A.W. Durham, NC

    I ate one portion of Quorn meat substitute. I became VERY sick, nausea and vomiting (several times). I assumed that I had a stomach virus. Later that night I realized that I had eaten something earlier that I had never eaten before. I looked it up on my laptop and saw that others had been similarly sickened. I threw out the remainder of the box. I have never eaten any Quorn product again, and I have been amazed that the products are still on the market. I was SOOOO sick.

    T.B. London, UK

    I have had a violent reaction to eating Quorn on three occasions (only in retrospect identifying Quorn as the common element). Symptoms came on between three and five hours after ingestion. They started as a headache and rapidly turned into a migraine type attack, followed quickly by diarrhea and then simultaneous vomiting. This would last for a couple of hours. I then found that I needed to sleep for sometime and when I woke suffered from what I can only describe as a hangover. The effects of my reaction took about 24 to 36 hours to clear… My reaction was not unlike Salmonella poisoning (which I have had) and was put down to that. It was this attack made me realize it was Quorn as I ate an identical meal to my sister, who was unaffected.

  • Quorn - Recipe for disaster.

    For children with histories of asthma and mold allergies eating Quorn was deadly.

    Miles Bengco

    Within minutes of eating his first and last Quorn Turk'y Burger, 11 year old Miles Bengco went into anaphylactic shock and died within hours despite desperate attempts to save him, including epi-pens. Quorn denies responsibility.

    Elin Wahlgren

    16 year old Elin Wahlgren ate tacos filled with Quorn meat and experienced a severe allergic reaction and she died within hours despite desperate attempts to save her. She had a history of asthma. Quorn denies responsibility.


    Processed mold-based products designed to mimic real meat products.

    The beef with consumers may be that it isn't.

    CHIK'N and TURK'Y

    Named and packaged to sound, look, feel and taste like real meat.

    Grill marks and all.


    Surprisingly, it's not chicken at all

    O% Meat - Too chicken to say what it's really made of


    why not just call it mold BURGERS?

    O% Meat - The beef is that it isn't


    why not just call it mold chunks?

    Zero meat. Zero warnings about mold.


    why not just call it mold SLICES?

    O% Meat - Too chicken to say what it's really made of


    Birbrower v. Quorn Foods Inc., Case No. BC608107




    To find out more information about this class action settlement, or to file a claim, you can go to www.QuornFoodsSettlement.com,

    call 1-800-399-9796 or email info@quornfoodssettlement.com.

  • Too chicken to say what it's really made of

    Why did Quorn recently change the label?

    Too Chicken To Say Its Made From Mold

    Quorn Foods labels its product as “mycoprotein”, they allude that it is the same or similar to known and more desirable foods, such as mushrooms, truffles and morels. Until recently, it misbranded its product by conspicuously omitting the word “mold” from the ingredients list. Scientists say likening mushrooms to mycoprotein is like likening jellyfish to human beings.

    If Quorn clearly stated on their packaging that their products are made from mold, would it negatively effect sales of the product? Does the average person know what "mycoprotein" is? Would people knowingly buy and eat artificially flavored products derived from fermenting and processing mold?

    Can Quorn Be Trusted?

    After two people died after eating Quorn products in 2013, Quorn added the word mold to its label, which may indicate that they know people with mold allergies have the right to know that mycoprotein is derived from mold and could cause severe allergic reactions to some people. Quorn is being sued in California for the wrongful death of an 11 year old boy and a class action lawsuit has also been filed by a woman in California for false advertising. Why has the Center for Science and Public Interest campaigned for over a decade to have mycoprotein banned? Why has Quorn Foods vigorously denied responsibility for allergic reactions and downplayed the thousands who have been sickened by mycoprotein? Maybe because mycoprotein is the main ingredient in all of their products, and if banned, would doom them.


    For some, this mock label could save their life or a few trips to the bathroom.

    Clear warnings on front.

    Safety over Marketing.


    June 18th, 2013 - The night Miles Bengco ate his last meal.

    Bengco and Cote vs. Quorn Foods, Case No. BC576522


    UPDATE: Wrongful Death Trial Scheduled for 01/22/18


  • Stats & Figures

    Quorn Foods is used to being in the headlines.


    Amount Quorn agreed to set aside for class action lawsuit settlement


    Number of views of video detailing the death of Miles Bengco who died after eating a Quorn Turk'y Burger in June 2013


    Never heard of this fungi/mold derived substance? Join the club.

    The Process

    A science experiment.

    Fusarium venenatum intended for use in Quorn products is grown under aerobic conditions in culture vessels by what is known as the 'Quorn Process'. The vessels are composed of two vertical cylinders, ~50 metres high, connected to one another at their top and bottom, so as to form a continuous loop with a volume of ~150 cubic metres. Ports on the vessel allow the various ingredients involved to be added and removed. The culture broth is composed of 95% glucose, derived by the pre-digestion of maize starch. Potassium, magnesium and phosphate sources are added as a necessary mineral trace. Both these and the glucose are sterilised prior to use. Additional make up broth can be injected at the base of the vessel as material is removed. The broth is maintained at a pH of 6 and a temperature of 28–30°C, with a biomass density of ~15 grams per litre; equating to a total vessel biomass of ~2,250 kg.


    Never heard of it? Join the club.

    As culture growth occurs, carbon dioxide is produced and released through a vent at the top of the loop. A heat exchanger, located in the union between the towers at their base, allows excess heat generated by the culture to be removed. One tower within the pair contains a sparge bar, also located towards the tower's base. Air and ammonia are injected through the sparge bar to provide the oxygen and nitrogen required for respiration and protein production. This sparging action causes the pair of towers to function as an air lift culture vessel.

    Quorn Factory

    Watch the mold come out of the conveyor.

    The broth continually circulates between the two towers; as it is driven upwards by the sparge bar in one tower, it falls in the opposing tower. Such a stirring (or circulating) method can be more preferable for biological cultures as it is less likely to cause damage to cell membranes by mechanical compression or abrasion. The denser Fusarium venenatum culture falls to the base of the loop, where it is removed and heated to 64°C for 20 minutes. Filtration is used to harvest the Fusarium venenatum, with this then being dried prior to blending with a binder. The majority of Quorn products are bound by rehydrated egg white, which makes them unsuitable for a vegan diet. However, Quorn has been reducing its egg white usage and now offers an egg-free alternative.

    See Quorn Products Made

    Fermented mold in giant towers creates food.

    Quorn executives explain how their products are made from the process.

    How Quorn Is Made

    Notice Step 1.

    In Step 1 of this friendly infographic Quorn never mentions "fungi" or "mold". Rather they refer to the original source as an "abundant natural organism".

  • The shortcut used to introduce Quorn to the U.S.

    Learn about this controversial loophole.


    Quorn used this FDA loophole.


    In 2002, a letter was written to the FDA accusing Quorn of deception. Read that letter.


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